The ballistic protection is one of the most delicate applications of the technical fibers and is always in constant evolution in order to reach the most advanced protection level.

The very high tenacity and the high elastic module of ARTEC®yarns, give to the special fabrics and other textile products very high characteristics particularly appreciated in the field of personal ballistic protection.

Using ARTEC® yarns, can be produced concealable and tactical vests particularly light and comfortable, offering high protection to the various types of fragments, even the smallest ones at very high velocity , and bullets, following the several and different international standards and protection levels.

The great thinness of ARTEC® yarns’ counts, allows to produce very light fabrics with high ballistic protection, very suitable for the production of protection systems for Future Soldier projects , Special Forces, fast intervention forces and EOD suits for mine clearers.

Pre-pregs produced with ARTEC® fiber are even employed for the production of police and military helmets, offering excellent performances granting the extreme helmet lightness.

The ARTEC® fiber expresses also at best its characteristics in other ballistic applications, such as light armoring, protection plates and backings for plates, offering high level ballistic solutions, with extremely light weights and high resistance to heat and flames.