The aramid fiber ARTEC® begun entering into production at the beginning of the year 2000 with the aim to offer to the most demanding segments of the market, a high tenacity fiber, of higher performances and great stability even under difficult employment conditions, to be applied in a range of excellent products.
Created by Russian Technicians with the support of some European Companies including Pro-Systems, mainly to be employed in the western markets and in the respect of their highest quality standards, it is used with success from about over 15 years in different sectors, in particular in the ballistic protection and advanced composites materials for industry.
The para-aramid fiber ARTEC® is characterized by a complex molecular chain (co-polymer) and strengthened in comparison to other aramid fibers on the market. It is also treated, after spinning, with a particular and exclusive thermic treatment at extreme temperature which contributes to confer to the yarn its particular characteristic of resistance. During such thermic treatment also yarn’s color changes, from the traditional yellow of the aramid fiber, to the typical and unmistakable gold/bronze color of ARTEC® .
The very high technology of the ARTEC® fiber  is evident in the unique range of the proposed yarns. In fact all fabrics are produced with fine or even extreme fine fibers.
The absolute lack of harmful substances in the fiber, guarantees to reach the international certification of the international standard OEKO-TEX 100.