Fabrics and Pre-pregs


Several types of fabrics, particularly suitable for ballistic protection and also for advanced composites, pre-pregs with epoxy resins, phenolic, thermoplastic, panels and sheets for armoring and different applications, can be produced using ARTEC® yarns.

The Company PRO-SYSTEMS SpA, which took part to the creation and development of the ARTEC® fiber, has created during the time a range of products with its own and unique production technologies and offers on the international markets a wide category of high level performances products, using ARTEC® fiber, such as: fabrics for ballistic protection, systems for blunt trauma reduction, high performances laminates for knife protection, backings for panels and armoring, EOD bomb  suits, pre-pregs for helmets and light armoring.

The use of ARTEC® yarns with extra fine count and extreme tenacity, joined to the productive technologies of PRO-SYSTEMS SpA afford to obtain products with extraordinary technical characteristics. The products line SOFTSTEEL® studied from PRO-SYSTEMS is the most advanced proposal for the tailoring of high level ballistic protection vests, both concealable and tactical, and it is used from the major international manufacturers for VIP, Police forces, Special forces, EOD bomb suits, institutional body guards, projects for Future Soldier programs and anyhow where the maximum protection against fragments, bullets and knives is required, (Multi – Threat protection) , combined to the maximum lightness and wearability.

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